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"A picture is worth a thousand words" and traditional photography continues to be the most pervasive type of visual evidence. We provide you with well-exposed and crystal-clear photographs preserving your evidence or visualizing a remote location.

Simply call LPS to request photographs and we will make the arrangements necessary to capture the images you need promptly and with the utmost in professionalism.

Additional, we can provide supplemental information pertinent to your matter including compass headings, location markers, measurements or other identifying information, either in letter form, diagrams, or on the images themselves.

Our standard delivery includes a set of traditional prints and a contact sheet with miniatures of all photos. Each of these has the time, date and image number, along with a CD-ROM containing scaled-down photos files suitable for email or printing on your office printer. This gives you full flexibility in complying with your disclosure requirements.

LPS retains the original digital files and you may order additional copies or trial-sized enlargements to suit your needs. All photos are backed-up off-site for additional security.



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